In Memory

Ronnie Durham

Date Deceased: 10-11-1987
Age at Death: 19
Cause of Death: Killed in an automobile accident in Spartanburg SC
Survived By: no spouse, no children, Mother Annie, Brothers Larry, Mike, Robert, and Donnie

All of my memories of growing up have always included my little brother, my mother alway made sure that we were always together, so when I went off to College it was the 1st time that my twin brother and I were seperated for any extended period. That is when our personal relationship grew the most. I looked forward to seeing him on the weekend when he came up to one of my games, or if I was visting him at Spartanburg Methodist College, we really began to enjoy each others company. I only wish he was beside me today as adults, he would get to know his nieces and nephew, we would get to hang out together, celebrate B-days together. I know God has you in his arms, hugging you like I wish I could, but with my beloved faith in the lord, one day we will be together again my brother. see you later Ronnie D, Love always, your twin, Donnie D.